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Who are We? What is Paduano Racing in the bicycle world? 
Well, long time ago(it was 1994) we started building cycle frames to fullfill at first our own need for performance.  So let me say, first of all we are passionate bikers and racers. Francesco Paduano was the true bicycle weenie looking for the best frame solutions and geometry in the early 90's. After the studies, my true passion: the bike frame itself. I had my integrated seat tube idea and all around of it my company was built. Claudio Marra(now FSA) head of "Columbus Tubi" sales in those years supported my project and the first steel frames were created.
Then a lot of innovative solutions, new materials and new markets but our factory still remains a small handcraft work in Umbria, Italy.
You maybe wouldn't believe but there were no integrated seat tube frames in the market at that time. We were the fist inventing it and implementing it into a custom production bicycle frame. Why? I would rather ask you why should You buy pants in two pieces if You know your legs are that long! If You want lightweight, stiffness, efficiency, design and exclusivity then You need an all integrated custom frame designed and suited to your body as a taylor would do. Then this is what we're doing since we started. 
Since that day the whole bicycle panorama copied our design and tech specs. Now allmost every bicycle manufacturer has at least one integrated seat tube frame in its product range. No regret on our side and only the pride to have added technology and innovation to the cycle industry.

Giuda, Caino, Bruto, Caligola...say much about our production: we make in Italy, awesome creations, we like creating unique masterpieces showing bravely one by one their top quality and our "bomb" brand. They are lovely hardware rare and precious but allways fucken naughty racing machines. Here is where their names come from.

Why Titanium? Why bonding Carbon and Boron tubes to Grade 9 Titanium? Why our frames are made like this despite of the universal monocoque fashion wave? Because we never follow fashions but often anticipate indeed.
To be clear...I should say...if Bicycle is our domain, then Grade 9 titanium must be our king, unless you would not ask us to postpone tech and quality to commercial issues thing that we will never do. If You need, infact, the best mix for rideability, comfort, reliability, exclusivity choose Grade 9 Titanium, shape it and mix it skillfully to amplificate smoothness and increase stiffness where needed. How? You are right it looks difficult and not all Ti frames are stiff enough to perform properly under race pressure. That's why drop outs in a Paduano Gladio frame are so wide. That's the reason why our frames are featuring all the dozens of small innovative solutions we are famous for. Special diameter head tubes, double angle head sets, plexus wishbone monostay, Boron Fiber striped carbon tubes as well as Eccentric BB shells or Press fit 30 Bottom Brackets have been designed and conceived or modified to outperform any standard and live exclusivey on our outstanding racing weapons.

Softail, singlespeed, 29er, 296er, belt frames, new materials and new technologies...in our small factory innovation is always around the corner. Stepping ahead of competitors is a "must" to Paduano as our small dimention leave no chance to huge production volumes nor compromises. We only have one issue: being the first in technology and performance keeping quality over the top.
Bike and beauty lovers are allways welcome to our Terni show room putting our skills to a test...and if You're not a racer our Urban Luxury softail creations moved by carbon belt transission will let You go "green" over a Brooks leather saddle pedaling ahead of trafic jams at rush hour.

Keep cool and allways stay tuned for innovation!